Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oscar! Oscar!

Now! Now! Now!

OK, I'm running this a little close to the wire, but there are still a bunch of days (5) until Oscar 2009 (February 22nd) . So click on the the LINK and VOTE. As always, having seen any of these films is often no help whatsoever, as I believe last year's winner (*cough*GramTuna*) saw maybe two or three, and the large majority of those were cartoons.


We're betting ALL Oscar categories except those scientific ones that are awarded earlier by whichever starlet drew the short straw. You don't have to vote for each one, but no vote will mean no points if you happen to guess right.

This year there might be a prize. But I'm not saying if there will be or not, partly because I haven't decided and partly because if there IS a prize and you only join in BECAUSE there is a prize, then it would be all "pay to play" and recent events have shown us all just how BAD that is for your career.

Did I mention you should VOTE?

Check back on Sunday night, as live Oscar blogging will be all the rage.

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