Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Driving Me Crazy

What is it about moisture from the sky that turns the average driver into a frightened homocidal maniac? It's just rain, folks, and today it barely qualifies as that. It's more like Mitten schmutz that's barely intermittent wiper-worthy.

And yet, my commute took an extra half-hour for no reason whatsoever.

Love the schmutz.
Embrace the schmutz.
Maintain a constant speed.
Rideth not the brakes each time a droplet lands.
Or better, yet, just stay home.


Mensch71 said...


And for those drivers from PoliticalLand? Just say NO and telecommute.

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

Here in the desert when it rains, people drive crazy as if their cars were running around randomly because the sky was falling. I've seen people drive around puddles. Not potholes filled with water... just little 3 or 4 cup puddles.

lifeonhold said...

Here in CT we have maniac SUV drivers who speed up (if that's even possible considering how fast they usually go) when it rains.

Please, please, please don't hydroplane into me!