Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

Many pardons. My mutterer is a bit slow this week:

I say ... And you think:

1. Quirk :: Oddity

2. Crystal :: Ball

3. Pet Peeve :: Irksome trait

4. Cuban : : Cigars

5. Breasts :: Got 'em

6. Whispers :: Secrets

7. Complicated :: Hard

8. Promise Me :: Oh

9. Murder :: Crime

10. Filament :: Light bulb

Not bad. I've never had a Cuban Cigar. Heck, I've never had any cigar. Come to think of it, I've never had a Cuban, either. I have been sitting here trying to think of a pet peeve, and aside from students not showing up (the only reason I'm typing this today), my biggest pet peeve is a peeve about my pets, which would be why oh why oh why do they save up their biggest, stinkiest poop for the nanosecond after I present them with a clean litter pan?

Just wondering....


Kat said...

This must be a universal kittyism. We figure that Dom pinches his cheeks together until we clean his litterbox. E-vil!

Anonymous said...

Umm...you think your animals are gross??

Just be glad you don't have a dog who thinks the cat box is an endless supply of doggy treats! Ours is electric...he runs in as soon as he hears the sound of the machine and tries to grab the "treat" before it disappears!

Mrs. Wonderful said...

it's the same principle whereby infants are nauseated at the smell of clean laundry, esp. shirts. Nice shirts, donned for church or other "can't have baby spew on me" occasions.

Hey, are you now sponsored? my validation word is PEPCO! IT'S THE BRAND I LOVE!

Sarah said...

Because they haven't been talking to my cats who have learned to leave their biggest stinking-est poop just as we're sitting down to dinner!

Anonymous said...

1. Quirk :: Annoyance
2. Crystal :: Gayle
3. Pet Peeve :: Annoyance
4. Cuban : : Rhythm
5. Breasts :: Udders
6. Whispers :: Shhhh!
7. Complicated :: Technical
8. Promise Me :: A Rose Garden
9. Murder :: Most Foul
10. Filament :: Bulb

Hmm. No theme there. But I have smoked a Cuban cigar!

Rivetergirl said...

A contestant gave birth on the Dutch Big Brother show ... now there's commitment to reality TV.