Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pluses and Minuses

Another Saturday lived at 125 rpm.

The Tuna household is in the midst of its springtime conversion, which is full of pluses and minuses. For example, my voice teaching is done for the academic year. Big plus. But this means my voice teaching paychecks are also done for the academic year. Big ouchie minus.

Without the time commitment of teaching, I am home more often during the week. HUGE PLUS! This time, however, must be spent evicting Satan from my bathroom, his cousin Fred from my basement, various lesser demons from the kitchen, refrigerator, living room and bedroom, and (dum dum DUM) the bunny cage. Minus factor 666.

I have finally finished the mind-numbing carpal tunnel-inducing job of spending out my various budgets for the year. Definite plus. Now my activities are limited to solving old heinous problems or cleaning my office, meaning I'll uncover more problems; even older and more heinous-er. Redundantly speaking. Definite minus.

The trees and flowers this spring have been unbelievably gorgeous and long-lasting due to chilly nights and warm days. Double daffodil plus because I am not allergic to any of them. However, I am allergic to the sun, which always proves annoying over the summer. SPF minus 60.

On the plus side, the family calendar is our anchor of organization.
On the minus side, it's a big fat visual representation of our insanity.

Warm spring days invite us to go outside and shake off the winter blahs. But spring also brings activities, rehearsals, concerts, homework, final projects, field trips, recitals and the like. Despite a to-do list longer than my arm and deeper than my wallet I try not to complain. Despite a calendar that tells me I have one free evening in the next 25, I look at this as a time management and scheduling challenge rather than a losing cause. Today I didn't finish everything I hoped I would, but I did manage (among many other things) to perform a successful bathroom exorcism, take a short bike ride and discover three new trillium covered by leaves in my garden. Despite being buried, they were making their springtime transition without complaint.

I hope I can do the same.

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