Thursday, May 01, 2008

House of Slitherin

I might have thought -- or at least wished -- that once the academic year ended up north and my schedule began to morph into a more humane 40 hours-per-week job that I would be kicking up my heels and having a grand old time.

I'm here to tell you it's just not happening.

Sure, there are moments of shock and awe when I leave my "regular" place of employment in the neighborhood of 5pm. That hasn't happened since September, and I cannot tell you how nice it is to see daylight after work. I've also dropped the long commute twice a week, and both my nice, nice, nice, (nice and old, really) BUT STILL VERY NICE I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS car and my wallet appreciate that greatly.

But I'm sure not sitting around eating Bonbons, thumbing through magazines and pondering my luxury to-do list. A luxury list contains things that one could do, if one wanted to, but aren't necessarily required. So, that means it can't be on fire and it's not one of those "wash it or go to the store TODAY to buy more" kind of things. Luxury lists also include things you'd LIKE to do, like maybe read a book, or take a walk; you know, optional activities you hear and read about other people doing.

The Tuna household is still fairly knee-deep in activities as we turn the page and stare down the miserable month of May. All I can say is, after the Agony of April, I'm hoping this month shows some major improvement. And as for my lack of heel-kicking merriment, for the time being, I guess it's alright. Not everyone goes the "bursting from the chrysalis emerging as a beautiful butterfly" route. Transitioning into a summer schedule maybe end up being more like a snake shedding its old tired winter layers. It may take some extra time, rest, and a little getting used to, but right about now, even having the option of extra time is downright luxurious.

I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

You have to be a little happy because your birthday is in May, no?

Anonymous said...

and the flowers are blooming! (which I know, only triggers thoughts from the vague to the immediate about the work necessary in the gardens - but don't wait for the roses for a stop and smell!)
The Boy

ps - did I tell you that on the Warner Bros. Studio tour in the giant collection of Harry Potter paraphernalia that they put a Sorting Hat on me - and -
My friend Emily was in Slytherin.

Anonymous said...

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