Saturday, January 05, 2019

How Can I Keep From Singing

My life flows on in endless song
There is a song for every occasion
For every emotion
For every purpose
How often is time spent searching
for the just-right ever-changing song

Above earth’s lamentation
Sometimes above
but sometimes in concert with.
Angry, misunderstood, dissonant chords
of suffering, loss, and grief

I hear the sweet though far off hymn
In times of doubt, faith tells me it must be there
In the dark night hours hope comforts me
When the noise is overwhelming,
the melody nearly imperceptible
and the harmony hopelessly obscured
It is there even when I am unable to hear

That hails a new creation
But music returns
In a silent sunrise
a soft rain
a clean, blank page
a baby's cry
a full, fresh breath
a new day

Through all the tumult and the strife
Where there was surely a beginning,
in this singular word
This "through"
we know there is an ending
Through the tumult and strife
Not In, not amid,
Not mired in, or forever trapped

I hear the music ringing
Always, always, always there
Ringing is resonance
Resonance is life

It finds an echo in my soul
Empathetic vibrations
Received and resounding
Some left in the heart
but even more to share
To resonate
To live on
To find an echo in another soul
And another and another
To hear the music ringing
Through Through Through all the tumult and strife
Sweet hymns hailing a new creation
Above earth's lamentation
Life flows on in endless song
In concert with those who sing on earth
and those whose song forever echoes

How can I keep from singing

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