Thursday, January 03, 2019

Onward and Upward

This is a fairly accurate representation of the survival mode I've been in for the past two years.  The problem is, I'm much more a brain person in this scenario than a heart person.  I really wish it were the other way around, and I had the strength to ignore every last scrap of the news that runs rampant in our 24/7 news cycle.  Intellectually, I know it is healthier to step away. But when I even consider it, there's a tug that seems to say if you step away for a moment, something newsy might happen.  To miss it is to be unaware, and to be unaware is to contribute to what got us in this mess to begin with.

But then on special days like today, in the midst of scrolling for the next news hit, you see a picture like this one.  And underneath the crushing sense of despair, the tiniest feeling of hope creeps in, and maybe, without even realizing it, you can breathe again.  This day is so very special because for the first time, so many more of those who represent us look like the us they represent.  Godspeed 116th Congress.  Do great things.  We are all counting on you.

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