Friday, December 31, 2004

The Arrow of Time

This short story entry is courtesy of TinyTuna, who wrote it in the car on the way back from visiting family. There are many things in this world upon which I cannot improve, and this story, with it's wonderful misspelling and absolutely fabulous ending, would be one of them.

The Arrow of Time!

There once was a girl, and a bow and arrow she had.

She let go of the arrow and it flung as it always had.

It was stuck in a tree as it would be.

She couldn't reach it, one, two three!

Suddenly she was with a young man on the roof.

She looked at the arrow, then looked at the tree,

then stared at him, then stared at she.

She gasped as she went to high school the next day,

and went home not to play.

She studied the arrow long and hard.

It was a time travel machine. The silliest one she'd ever seen!

Her arrow was a time machine!

She ran to tell her boyfriend all that she found out. She ran to his house.

She explained with detail and pride, the info that she held inside.

He gave a scream and then a smile, and gazed at me all the while.

He asked, "Please me love, can you see?

Will you do one thing? Will you marry me?"

She looked at his ring in his hand,

and replied, "Yes! I would be glad!"

On December 30th, on that day, a weeding [sic] was held for they.

They both said, "I do" and kissed his wife.

Her heart beat with all the strife!

She suddenly awoke.

A nightmare!


Mike said...

Wow, that is deep.

TV Junkie said...

Boyfriend? Married? Noooo! She's not old enough yet! NOOOOOOO!

Bozoette said...

A nightmare! What a perceptive child!! ;-)

lifeonhold said...

"Her heart beat with all the strife"
Hahahaha, that's a keeper to be read aloud at moments of maximum embarrassment, i.e., her wedding.

Gary said...

Hahahaha! It's very clever.