Monday, January 31, 2005

Paying the Piper

It started last Thursday morning.

The magic work gnomes who make all things possible escaped, and as a result, THE SYSTEM WAS DOWN. People cried and gnashed their teeth. They asked for books on sketching, and all we could do was our best stewardess emergency exit wave in the direction of the 96,000 books on that side of the room and say "somewhere over there."

That was the downside.

The upside, was there was nothing to do. Nothing! Nothing Thursday! Nothing Friday! Nothing over the weekend either, which didn't matter because we are too busy doing nothing in other places. Nothing! THE SYSTEM WAS DOWN.

Sure, there were suggestions. Maybe I could clean my office. I did toy with the idea of dumpster diving into my file cabinet o-supplies to straighten them up. But once I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes and came to my senses, I decided to do some research. And then some more. Why? Because THE SYSTEM WAS DOWN.

This morning, the magic work gnomes who spoil all our research were back -- a bit woozy -- but back nonetheless. And they brought work. There was only work, work, work as far as the eye could see. Work that had been aging -- nay, rotting -- over the past 72 hours. Work stuffed in drawers. Work scribbled on papers. Work in a box. Work with a fox. Work here and there. Work everywhere. It was not pretty.

Now, nearly five days later, things are finally falling back into place. The work has either been completed or stashed where nobody will EVER find it, and things are, once again, pretty much under control. I just don't trust those gnomes. They've got that VOLCANO look in their eyes...


lifeonhold said...

I'd be particularly suspicious of that mushroom.

Louise said...

Scary gnomes.