Tuesday, August 23, 2005


And then GramTuna said,
"You know, there isn't that much difference between having one..."

...and having two."

So the next day we went back and brought Gabby's brother home.

In this corner, with little white paws and a black collar,

Milo's hobbies are eating, drinking, pooping, napping
(only when nobody else is around) and wrassling.
All. Night. Long.

I'm surprised those two don't have dain bramage
from smashing into every door and piece of furniture in my house.
But then again, maybe they do.


Dawn said...

They're cats. They'll be fine. Running into walls is what they DO.

Also, two are more fun than one. Especially when they start Kitty Wrestlemania. Pure entertainment.

Sarah said...

You're worried about the kittens having brain damage from running around into walls and furniture? Wait until the first time one of them catches a mouse!

Hammie said...

Two is always better than one. Running into walls is a feline Olympic sport. Wait until they start running UP them!

My big kitty Dozer missed the kitchen counter every time he jumped for it for the first year of his life. He would *smack* right into the side. And he's fine. Kinda.


Anonymous said...

If two is good, three is better. Just ask your Reverend friend in Philly.

sue said...

One should never have an "only" cat. Last year when I got down to one elderly cat I took in a pair of young (huge!!) boys whose 83 yr. old human was downsizing to an apartment. (One of them, unfortunately, died a couple of months later, but that's another LONG story.) When the aging cat died this year I went to the no-kill shelter to get one adult female cat. Well, I couldn't leave her friend, could I? So I have three, and giant male cat is really pleased with his companions. (I also have a dead giant cockroach sitting in front of the commode every morning, thanks to the new cat who likes to hunt.)

nk said...

yay kittytuna1 and kittytuna2!

when i wanted a cat, i ended up with two kittens.

have not regretted it all--they are great company for each other.

Anonymous said...

Aww, yay! Kitties! And Tiny!


Kat said...

Kitties am cute. And hooray for kitty pics!