Monday, August 22, 2005

Poor Forgotten Little Bloggy

Going on the theory (that I just made up) that neglect builds character, I am back after a weekend of adventures. Which followed several weeks of insanity and a flooded basement.

Enough justification? Good.

To play catch up (easy-peasy way first) let's do some 3-day old memes....

Friday's Feast (3 Days Cold)
Let's see what we have here.

Appetizer: Do You Get Excited When the Season Begins to Change? Which season do you most look forward to?
Well, let's be realistic here. I do not live in a land where on Day-X Mother Nature proclaims ta-daaaah it's (insert your season here) If Only. We get snow in May. We get 90-degrees in February. This is the joy of the mitten. What I am excited about is the fact that the mitten actually gets four distinct seasons. We know we'll see beautiful leaves, and falling snow, and an eventual end to winter with spring flowers, and a summer just right for pools and barbecues. So even if there is one particular season that isn't your favorite -- the next one is right around the corner. And which do I most look forward to? Vacation season, baby.

Soup: What Day of the Week is Usually Your Busiest?
Today. My schedule doesn't play favorites.

Salad: Would You Consider Yourself to be Strict When it Comes to Grammar and Spelling? What's an Example of the Worst Error You've Seen?
Wellllll.... I like to think that I am fairly careful with grammar and spelling, though I'll never, ever win any spelling bees. I am a frequent flyer where the spell-checker is concerned, though I fly solo through the murky haze of grammar. I don't have a "worst" error story, but one of my favorite chuckles concerned a church bulletin. The Lenten solo was "He was Despised" from Handel's Messiah. Somehow it came out "He was Depressed" in the bulletin. So close...except, not.

Main Course: Who Has a Birthday Coming Up, and What Will You Give Them As A Gift?
Next birthday on our social calendar is BSTuna. And I can't tell you what I'll give them because then it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it**??

**All surprise gifts come with one free MPF, because I'm not making a mince pie, no matter how much you like them.**

Dessert: If You Could Have Any New Piece of Clothing for Free, What Would It Be?
I'm always up for Diva-wear ballgowns. Some sparkles (but not too gaudy) required, and comfy enough for singing is a must.


I say ... And You Think:

1. Fan :: Blade
2. Scum :: Bucket
3. Lily :: Pond
4. Humid :: Damp
5. Ghetto :: Cartman
6. Remember Me? :: No, I don't
7. Polished :: Shiny
8. Compose :: Create
9. Squish :: Bug
10. Future :: Down the Road

#7 -- Nothing like a little Cartman singing a little Elvis Presley. In the Ghet-to!


nk said...

yay! gt is back! :)

tell us about the cat! tell us about the cat! tell us about the cat!

and the rabbit, too.

but especially the cat! ;)

Sarah said...

Oh, yes, kitty cat!

Anonymous said...

1. Fan :: Club
2. Scum :: Bag
3. Lily :: Pad
4. Humid :: -ifier
5. Ghetto :: blaster
6. Remember Me? :: But of course!
7. Polished :: suave
8. Compose :: draft
9. Squish :: squash
10. Future :: Back to the

well, hope you had a full weekend of kitty tending and weeding - did some weeding at Mom's and brougt a few things back to try sticking in my dirt here.
the boy

TV Junkie said...

1. Fan :: Site
2. Scum :: Sucker
3. Lily :: of the valley
4. Humid :: Florida
5. Ghetto :: Bird
6. Remember Me? :: Eminem
7. Polished :: Poseur
8. Compose :: Write
9. Squish :: Squash
10. Future :: Legend