Thursday, September 01, 2005

News Clip

I just now saw a clip on my local 11pm news. Predictably, they were discussing the current price of gasoline and how it might affect the upcoming Labor Day weekend. And then, the anchorman asked, "But is the news THAT bad?"

A graphic then flashes on the screen as he compares the price of gas from here to there last year ($47), and the price of gas from here to there this year ($59), and then he says in an unbelievably patronizing tone, "that's ONLY a difference of $12.

Part of me knows full well it's none of my business where other people choose to drive and how much other people choose to spend to get there, because hey, I don't have to fill their gas tank. Part of me worries about this horrible habit we, as a nation, seem unable or unwilling to break in regards to our insatiable consumption of oil. And part of me gets downright mad when some smarmy Thursday night teleprompter reader suggests that I should stop being a stingy bastard and just cough up the extra (ONLY) $12 so I can support the oil companies and show my patriotism by contributing to the coffers of state tourism.

I'd sure have a lot more respect if they suggested everybody take that ONLY $12 and give it to the Red Cross. That would be money well-spent.


TVJ said...

Hmmm. If every person that owns a vehicle could take the $12 and donate it, that would be ... uh ... me not so good at math .. a lot?

yeah. what an asshat reporter.

Anonymous said...

A thought crossed my mind this morning (It doesn't happen that often these days) gasoline the only product/service in the US which never has coupons or sales? Let's see...foods have coupons, clothes go on sale, carpet cleaners offer reduced rates for bundled rooms, cars have rebates/sales, and even cigarettes offer coupons...and we're not addicted to gasoline, huh??

*rushes off to apply for a new job just 2 miles from my home*


nlk said...

EXACTLY!!! Hey, I understand wanderlust as much as pretty much anyone, but sometimes it is more important to conserve. And to donate to the less fortunate and not be so damn selfish.

As always, well said, GT.