Sunday, February 18, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And you think ::

1. Threshold :: Carry her over the...

2. Jason :: and the Argonauts

3. Suspicion :: Doubt

4. Tender :: Soft

5. Tempted :: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO

6. Crimson :: Red

7. Repulsive :: Just EWW (see: Mince Pie)

8. Bulldog :: Didn't win at Westminster

9. Garage :: Where cars seldom live

10. Racket :: Noise

I can't imagine anything here having anything to do with anything else, so I'm not even going to try. My threshold is safe and I don't know Jason OR the Argonauts. Heck, I wouldn't even know an Argonaut if my bulldog tripped over one. That is, if I had a bulldog. I do, however, have a garage (where the Car formerly known as Crimson (now known as Rusty) does not live), and, in case you have any suspicions to the contrary, I will never, ever, EVER EVER be tempted to eat a Mince Pie, because, just ... EWWWWW.

Mutter along HERE.


Anonymous said...

I Say ... And you think
1. Threshold :: Carry over the
2. Jason :: and the Argonauts
3. Suspicion :: Dun-dun-dunn! (cue the foreboding music)
4. Tender :: is the Night
5. Tempted :: To Say What's On My Mind.
6. Crimson :: and Clover
7. Repulsive :: ewwww
8. Bulldog :: Like a
9. Garage :: Band
10. Racket :: from the band in the garage
the boy

Christine said...

I totally liked the name of your site. Had to come check it out. We matched this week with "Jason & the Argonauts." Bye for now, XINE