Monday, February 26, 2007

And The Oscar Goes to...



As for the rest of us? No golden statue. Not even a tinfoil one. But all 15 participants did an admirable job of consulting their gut, or Magic 8-Ball, or the oracle of their choice. And here, without further adieu (or interpretive dance), are the final results of The Oscar Pool:

NancyK - 17
TheBoy - 15
Mensch71 - 14
AnneClausen - 14
GramTuna - 13
GreenTuna - 12
TVJ - 12
Cops - 11
Scout - 10
BSTuna - 10
Laura - 10
Odie - 9
KatJam - 8
Liberal Lucy - 6
TinyTuna - 5

Interestingly, voting in many categories were all over the map. Best Picture nominations were nearly equally divided (Babel-4 / Departed-4 / Iwo Jima-3 / Sunshine-3 / Queen-1). Special Good Guts & Guessing awards must be awarded to GramTuna for nabbing the sole pick for Best Animated Short (Danish Poet), and TheBoy and TinyTuna for their incroyable guess for Best Foreign Film Pick (Lives of Others).

Overall I thought the show was, sadly, dull. And long. Way, WAY too long. And the thing is, I don't really mind the acceptance speeches. If they won, let them say thank you, dammit (Well, not as in "thank you DAMMIT", but as in, dammit, let them say "Thank you."). But as interesting as it was, why did I need to see back lit screen dancers forming a car? Or Ellen vacuuming the theater? Not so funny. I did, however, think that Will Farrel's musical number about the comedian being the loneliest, alcoholic actor at the Oscars was mildly amusing.

But there you have it. iTunes has now put up all the shorts (animated and live action) on their site. Thanks, Steve Jobs. I could have used these a couple of weeks ago. Maybe someday the other films which have never quite made it to the mitten will show up (or come back), either on the big screen or at Ye Olde Video Shoppe. Until then, it's back to ignoring the silver screen, because when your choices are Jim Carrey in The Number 23? (Greater than the terror that Jim Carrey's character...feels in the course of The Number 23 may have been that which Carrey and his castmates felt midway through production as the glowering awfulness of this project began to dawn on them.)

It's not going to be happening.

Congrats again to NancyK. As for the rest of us, well, you're already two full months behind watching next year's contenders. See you at the movies!


nk said...

i would like to thank...

i guess this kinda makes up for last year when i came in dead last. or last enough.

i look forward to seeing many of these movies; the only ones i have seen are cars and little miss sunshine.

tip: don't bother to watch the movies; instead, listen to psychic self.

thanks for running the pool!

Mensch71 said...

I suffered through 41 of the 58 nominees for this thing and I came in 3rd. Sheesh. I'm going to consult the Magic 8 Ball next year.

Congrats to NancyK, Maven of All Things Movielicious.

Oscar coverage was "meh" to "Godawful", depending. And Jerry Seinfeld? Needed the hook. Badly. Maybe Johnny Depp can piratize him or something next year.

odie said...

Well, considering the fact that I saw exactly one of the movies, I'll take what I can get.

Way to go NancyK!

BSTuna said...

I think there should be an award for someone who hasn't seen a movie in more years than I can count, yet didn't use the "eenie meenie miney moe" method for picking. Ha!!

Genny said...

It was the endless montages that got to me. Thank you Michael Mann for that non-cohesive, poorly paced montage about... um... America? I think, maybe.

I didn't do an oscar pool this year, but I would have failed miserable.