Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I May Not Survive Afterall

In the 11th-and-a-half hour of my workday I was looking through a collection of popular songs with a student. It was a large anthology called 100 Songs! and the exclamation point-riddled cover seemed full of excitement that there was a song that represented each year from 1900-1999. WOW!

I started speed reading through the table of contents, vetoing such choices as I Will Survive and Jive Talkin', and then I stumbled across a decent prospect. "OH!" I said. "Check it out!" And I start singing through "You've got a friend." I look at the student and nearly begin to gush as I tell her, "This is such a classic. You've got to LOVE Carole King! Of course you may know the James Taylor version..."

My student looks at me with a bit of a confused face and says, "No. I only know the TOY STORY version."


I sigh, wipe the incredulity off my face and start shaking my head. "No, No, No," I tell her. That's not You've Got a Friend. That's You've Got a Friend IN ME."


Educating the masses. That's why I'm here.


Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

AHHHH! JT! *8th grade swoon*

Anonymous said...

Sooo true! I am constantly amazed that my kids don't have a clue about the originals of so many things. It's not their fault. The culture is just changing and moving on like it always does. But when I see someone's birthday in the late 90's or early 00's, I am still shocked almost (almost) into silence! When did 1968 get to be so very long ago? WHEN DID IT???