Monday, October 08, 2007

Morbid Monday

This is so priceless, I cannot wait until another cross-stitch round up. Behold!

Move on, Dear Reader
Thou treadst o'er my view
For here I am destined to Lay.

I've nought to behold
But this dirt, dark and cold
'Tis to be your pleasure some day!

Mehitable Grubb 1607-1709

So...let me understand this line by line:
1. Hey, you, get off of my ground
2. Down in front
3. Dammit
4. I said move, even though there isn't anything to see. Dead = Cranky.
5. Calling Extreme Home Makeover.
6. And by pleasure I mean worm sandwich
7. Grubb. Worm Sandwich. What did I tell you? And holy longevity, Batman, why is she complaining? She was 102 years old! I would think she would be grateful that she's finally lying down.

Again, all I can ask is who would sew this and then what would you do with it?

p.s. The title of this piece? A Tomb With a View. Yeah. No kidding.

1 comment:

mensch71 said...

I'd sew it for you and make a pillow out of it.