Sunday, November 04, 2007

One Word Sarcomical Sunday

I'll pretend like I saw this on Sunday, and then I'll backdate this so nobody will know. Except all of you.

The rules are simple yet difficult:
  1. Change the italicized word.
  2. Insert your own answer
  3. The answer must be one word and one word only. Uno. One-o. No cheating!

On Your Desk/Workspace:Frogs
Your Eyes:Blurry
You Wish Some People Would:Stop
Before This You Were:Sleeping
On Your Feet:Nothing
What Makes You Feel Shitty:Stubbornness
What Soothes You:Singing
Color of Your Refrigerator:White
Number of People You Share a Bathroom With:One
Your First Boyfriend/Girlfriend:Forgotten
Your Favorite Kind of Bread:Pumpernickel
On Your Mind:Life
Something You Have to Complete:Basement
Your Last Medical Appointment:Girly
You Want To Be:Content
You Wish You Knew More About:Repair
The Superpower You'd Choose:Teleportation
Your Last Purchase:Socks
You Don't Like to Watch:Wrestling
Your Idea of Relaxing:Ocean
Last Thing You Forgot:Uhhh?
After This:Post!

One-word Sarcomical Sunday courtesy of ... Sarcomical!

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