Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Willy

Warning: this post is all about certain body parts I am quite certain I do not possess, no matter what my Spam and Junk folders say.

The spammers have been getting increasingly creative with their pleas for me to buy stuff for a medical condition I do not nor will not ever have. I'm used to the everyday drivel, but some of the emails have had a bit more holiday cheer, as it were. I almost feel badly that someone is wasting their mad writing and advertising skills on the wrong demographic. Be that as it may, some of the latest include:

Real New Year Present for Your Willy!
Did it make a list? If not, it's out of luck.

Get super-size for your Willy!
Would it like fries with that?

Promote your little soldier of love in a new year!
Will it get a raise too? Oh, wait... Never mind.

Chicks like when you have a big instrument.
Like a euphonium?

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