Thursday, December 20, 2007

Setting the Stage (Parenthetically)

I'm sitting at my computer (customary)
drinking a glass of white wine (elegant)
eating potato chips (trashy)
and chasing it down with an occasional sip of Diet Coke (thirsty)

One cat is running around like a lunatic (annoying)
while the other is currently on my desk behind my screen (endearing annoying)
my cell phone is charging next to me (prepared)
and my iPod is charging by my bed (super prepared)
as if I've tucked in all my electronic children for the night (nerd central)

I'm trying to decide what to write (customary)
because it is nearly 11:30 pm (deadline)
and I haven't missed a post since October 25th (amazing)
and I'm not about to miss one now (dedicated)

I thought I might write about wine (trendy)
how I buy wine totally based on the picture on the label (gullible)
and don't really know good wine from bad (ignorant)
and suddenly it occurs to me that it's a lot writing about men (epiphany)
Trendy, Gullible and Ignorant (Law offices of)

I thought I might write about Christmas (obligatory)
but tonight I'm not really feeling it (honest)
and although I'm not anti-Christmas at the moment (improvement)
I think I'll save it for another day (procrastinator)
because it doesn't go with my wine and potato chips and Diet Coke (practical)

I thought I might write about Facebook (obsession)
and the friends I have found (Kumbahyah)
and the fun I've had wasting time ("research")
finding more (social electronic crack)

I thought I might write about my unfolded laundry (boring)
or my unwashed dishes (boring)
or my unmatched socks (boring)
or my constant search for the second shoe (boring)
But I don't think so tonight (thankful)

I think I'll just write (finally)
about sitting at my computer (customary)
drinking a glass of wine (elegant)
eating potato chips (trashy)
chasing it down with a Diet Coke (thirsty)
and feeling totally and entirely and utterly content (redundant)
with myself and my surroundings



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Smiled as I read this (charmed)

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What Kimberly said!