Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mindless Musings

Mindless Musing #1
This morning I opted for the 10 extra minutes of warm snuggly bed at the expense of some daily morning rituals. I finally got up and trudged to the bathroom, praying that my hair wouldn't look like a total chicken butt. By some miracle (and it was a miracle, because truly, I am the chicken butt queen) with a little patting and smooshing and instant hair spray, it was close enough for Thursday. I grabbed some clothes that weren't jeans and weren't entirely covered in cat hair and went to work. Twice people commented on how nice I looked and "was I singing somewhere today?" Uh...thanks,, this what I get for sleeping in and not taking a shower? Obviously I'm living life all bass-ackwards.

Mindless Musing #2
We've had Christmas and Epiphany and in a few short weeks it's going to be Lent already. ALREADY?!! How did this happen? Were the Kings in an HOV lane? Or maybe in their case, an HOC lane? (High-Occupancy-Camel for those of you who didn't figure it out...)

Mindless Musing #3
Signs of the Apocalypse:
  1. Gram bought herself an iPod
  2. Gram asked for MY playlist
  3. Gram marked things she wanted on my playlist
  4. Gram included "1999" by Prince
  5. Greentuna obliged, because hey, she asked for it
  6. Greentuna was saddened that she didn't want Cartman singing Swiss Colony Beef Log
  7. Greentuna might put it on anyway, because you can't diss the classics

Mindless Musing #4
I need to marry a concert pianist. Not for me, mind you, for TeenTuna. Since we are still in all-Johnny-Depp-all-the-time mode we are up to our eyeballs in Sweeney Todd. Yes, I know, it could be worse. WAY worse. However, TeenTuna has decided for her Middle School Extravaganza concert as well as her church Cabaret performance, she'll be singing The Worst Pies in London. Twice today I've had people tell me that I'll have to play it for her. Once that sentiment was passed along with promises of swearing in emails. Well, I'm not afraid of No Sondheim. And it's only 22 lousy measures in the midst of all the rest that are...well... pretty much unplayable, unless you have a pet octopus with a lot of spare time on his hands tentacles. I can play some of it, and what I can't grab, I just start shouting WAMP! for every chord I'm just not going to get to.

Mindless Musing #5
This is very cool. This is my house. This is my life. Except without the boxes at the end. Rats. It's always something.

Mindless Musing #6

Next to the crushing tide of clutter, this may be the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. The entire creative process laid

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