Sunday, January 27, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Booze :: Hound

2. Counter :: Attack

3. Action :: Jackson

4. Trial :: By Jury

5. Wheelchair :: Ironside

6. 1-800- :: CALL SAM

7. Chop :: Chop

8. Relatives :: Family

9. Bed Sheets :: That somehow seems redundant to me...

10. Funnel :: Cakes

This was one BIZZARO list. No, I've never seen Action Jackson, but it was honestly the first thing I thought of. Then I thought of the movies with the wooden thingee that you smack together right before you say aaaaannnnnnnddddd ACTION! but I didn't know what to call it beside that wooden thingee. so I decided I should stick with Jackson. And his Action. Of course, #4 led me directly into #5, because I don't generally think about the televised legal dramatizations of Raymond Burr on a daily basis. #6 is a local thing, #7 means move it along, #9 really does seem redundant, because what other kind of sheets would there be? Sure, there are sheets OF paper, but since we don't say "sheets OF bed" I can't see how there would be any confusion. Lastly, Funnel cakes are a carnival kind of thing which I have eaten exactly never. But I saw a Funnel Cakes maker machine thingee in a Linens 'n More 'n Things and Beyond yesterday, and I wondered who on this earth would have such a hankering for fried sugary dough that they'd need their own machine to make them year round?

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