Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Weary

OK. I'll say it. I've had enough of winter.

Just thinking that sentence makes me a traitor to my state. People love winter here. They go skiing! And...skiing! And sledding (small children or drunken co-eds required). They climb aboard snowmobiles and roar their way up and down the state. They sit on overturned buckets in the middle of a frozen lake and fish. If they're extra fancy, they build a little shack thing, push it out into the middle of the frozen lake, put their overturned bucket inside and fish. OK, really, I'm pretty sure they just drink. But the theory is they fish. For frozen fish sticks, I guess.

But I'm tired of winter. I feel like I've been cold since October. There was a snow day before the calendar officially even called this nonsense winter. This morning? Snowing again. Tonight? Snowing again. Tomorrow? Snowing again.

I guess I'm a big baby. Snow isn't THAT bad. Driving is doable if you're careful. It's pretty on the trees blah blah yada yada YEAH SURE. It is pretty. So is a picture. Driving is doable. So long as you don't get mown over by an illegally passing UPS truck. It's not THAT bad, depending on your definition of THAT. But let me tell you, it's pretty bad.

But like many things we don't prefer, it's a lot better to come to some sort of detente with the weather only penguins and polar bears could love. Winter allows us hot chocolate without justification, snuggling up with something (or someone) warm and cozy, and slick roads are the perfect excuse for staying home and staying in. Safety first.

So, North Winds blow, I guess. It's not like I'm going to stop you anyway. Just know that I have lots of sweaters, extra blankets, and two furball cats to sleep on my feet and keep me warm. But if you ever wanted to send along a January thaw for a day or two -- just to keep our hearts warm and our hopes alive -- well, I wouldn't mind one bit.

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