Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cinco de Mayo - A Reenactment

Time: 8:30pm
Cast: GreenTuna, TeenTuna, GramTuna
Scene: GreenTuna and GramTuna have just picked up TeenTuna from a two-hour rehearsal. Our characters are tired and hungry. TeenTuna wants badly to "turn left" which is Tunaspeak for "Go to Tasty-Twist and get ice cream."

TeenTuna: left left left left left left Are we turning left?

GreenTuna: Way ahead of you (turns left)

TeenTuna: Sweet.

GreenTuna: Is anybody hungry, since we really didn't have dinner?

GramTuna: Yes.
TeenTuna: YES.

OK Then. Where are we going?

~~~ circular debate ensues with no decisions made ~~~

GreenTuna: Why don't we go to "Amigos." It's right by the Twist and then we can walk and get ice-cream when we're done...

~~~ general rejoicing at the good idea ~~~

GreenTuna: ...and it's nearly 9pm, so the dinner hour is long since past and it shouldn't be crowded.

~~~ our heroes pull into the parking lot only to find NOWHERE to park. We circle once, twice, and make one more pass and luck into a spot. GreenTuna is befuddled by a Tuesday night crowd.

~~~ our heroes walk into the restaurant only to find it jam-packed with a huge line. We stare at each other, confused...and then the realization hits...

GreenTuna: Oh God. It's CINCO DE MAYO.


~~~ exit. Stage left.

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Sarah said...

When you live in southern California, Cinco de Gringo is time to hunker down and eat al fresco in the back yard. Too many drunks on the road. It's the holiday mandated for drinking, isn't it?