Friday, May 08, 2009

Ode to Bessie

I remember when I got you, so long ago one spring,
You were the latest model. A happy, peppy thing.

I am both happy and peppy. You may call me Bessie.

You grew and grew throughout the years, on you I would depend,
Each time I had some work to do, or chatted with my friend.

This is beautiful. Continue.

But time, it marches on and on. Of that, you can be sure.
And finally the sad day came when you were....well...
horribly outdated...slow to start...prone to viruses...generally obsolete

Uh oh.

It's hard to know just what to do when that sad day draws nigh.
What could I do to honor you? How should I say goodbye?

It had better not be with a chorus of "Dry Bones."

I thought that I could honor
your great memory with a cake.

Better than Mince Pie.

Or just be in denial,
saying you were at the lake.


But you are really gone, and now
my life's turned upside down.

Really? Now with the cow-tipping jokes?

Sometimes I look up to the sky
and hope you'll be around.

Run away!! Run away!!!

But your work's done. You're free!
And your cow-spirit's on the lam.

she said sheepishly

And me? Well, Bessie 2.0



Unknown said...

SWEET is right! Woohoo for Bessie 2.0! :)

chefgrace said...

Aww, poor old Bessie. I'll remember her fondly.

Happy new cow!