Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cinco de Mayo - A Reenactment

Time: 8:30pm
Cast: GreenTuna, TeenTuna, GramTuna
Scene: GreenTuna and GramTuna have just picked up TeenTuna from a two-hour rehearsal. Our characters are tired and hungry. TeenTuna wants badly to "turn left" which is Tunaspeak for "Go to Tasty-Twist and get ice cream."

TeenTuna: left left left left left left Are we turning left?

GreenTuna: Way ahead of you (turns left)

TeenTuna: Sweet.

GreenTuna: Is anybody hungry, since we really didn't have dinner?

GramTuna: Yes.
TeenTuna: YES.

OK Then. Where are we going?

~~~ circular debate ensues with no decisions made ~~~

GreenTuna: Why don't we go to "Amigos." It's right by the Twist and then we can walk and get ice-cream when we're done...

~~~ general rejoicing at the good idea ~~~

GreenTuna: ...and it's nearly 9pm, so the dinner hour is long since past and it shouldn't be crowded.

~~~ our heroes pull into the parking lot only to find NOWHERE to park. We circle once, twice, and make one more pass and luck into a spot. GreenTuna is befuddled by a Tuesday night crowd.

~~~ our heroes walk into the restaurant only to find it jam-packed with a huge line. We stare at each other, confused...and then the realization hits...

GreenTuna: Oh God. It's CINCO DE MAYO.


~~~ exit. Stage left.

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