Friday, November 27, 2009

Hypocrite, Table for One

Dear Internet:

In regards to yesterday's post about Black Friday shopping that was along the lines of, "Not in a car, not in a tent, not in the dark, I said what I meant..."

Yeah. Well, just remember:
1. The guy finally did try green eggs, and ham. And he liked them.
2. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind (Just ask Harold Arlen)
3. My TV was dying.
4. This excursion occurred during a time of day that included daylight and the letters PM.

The most important excuse factoid in this scenario was number three.  I've been researching TV's for quite awhile, and had gotten to the point where I was carrying my 2010 Consumer's Reports buying guide with me.  My old television (my FREE 32" Toshiba, for those of you who remember from back in the day) had a thick black bar across the bottom of the set, and it was migrating northward at a worrisome pace.  For several months now, people have had extremely stumpy legs, and I never know the score of any sporting event, because that critical piece of information had floated into the abyss off the top of the screen.  So this afternoon, while TeenTuna was off with a friend, GramTuna and I grabbed a sandwich and then moseyed over to Sears to look at stoves.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, we never made it.  All the televisions were in the way.

And now I'm all set with a new set.
I didn't have to fight anyone for it.
I didn't have to pitch a tent (or a fit)
I spoke AT LENGTH to the sales dude
I made the sales dude laugh
I got it home, and set up without any help at all.  I was my own personal geek squad.

And seeing as it was the BIG shopping day of the year, it was (relatively) civilized.

So, mission accomplished Black Friday: 
The store got its sale. 
I got the TV. 
We all kept our sanity.

Thank you, Thank you, Sam-I-Am.

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