Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to Reality

...And just like that (whatever that is), we were thrown back into life and SCHEDULE.

The college kids have returned, so our town just gained an extra 45,000 people.  Teaching starts up this week, and goes into full swing next week.  Sadly, I can't see my class list, so tomorrow will be a pleasant Forest Gumpian box of chocolates surprise.  High School has resumed with a vengeance, and there is simultaneous preparation for finals (2 weeks), exams (this week), large-scale projects (this time it's an abbreviated film of "The Tempest".  No, I don't understand why), musical performances, competitions, chair-tests, lessons, homework, and a Sadie Hawkins dance thrown in for good measure.

January has become the new December!

On the plus side, I walked out of work at 5:15pm today and it wasn't pitch black outside, I managed not to shove any junk food down my gullet, and by all indications, I'll be in bed before midnight.  I'll call that a win any day of the week.

Oh, and did I mention it's really, really COLD?  (I know.  January.  Duh)
My feet are very grateful that I brought in the reinforcements.  (BooYAH!)

 Warm Woolen

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