Saturday, January 01, 2011

Confetti Clean Up in Aisle 2011

It was a long New Year's Day.
It was an even longer New Year's Eve night.

The chauffer, the wallet, the social coordinator,
the parent, the cat wrangler, the film auteur
and the techie dweeb are quite tired.

Only one choice tonight, and that is to post and to crash.

Picture of the Day

Following (copying, really) an idea I saw on Facebook, I thought I might try (until I fail) to post one picture a day.  No editing, no photoshop, no cropping... just life as it happened.  We'll see how this goes.

Watch the points keep growing

See MSU play in some New Year's Day bowl game.
See MSU get destroyed in some New Year's Day bowl game.
See lots of Big Ten teams play in some New Year's Day bowl games.
See (so far) every single one of them lose.
Michigan (52-14), Michigan State (49-7), Northwestern (45-38), Penn State (37-24), Wisconsin (21-19).
Thanks for joining us in the "L" column.
It's nice to have some company.

1 comment:

Sherck said...

Yeah, it was a sad day for the Big Ten. As an Ohio State fan, I'm hoping that the boys in scarlet and gray will fare better, but I recognize that there's a good chance we'll get shellacked.