Friday, December 07, 2012

Rejoice Greatly

I was sitting at my desk this morning in a full-on Friday stupor when I got the message.  Soprano sick.  Messiah tomorrow night.  Can you do it?  Even with my caffeine barely registering, I woke up. Quickly.  Can I do it?  Check the calendar.  No direct conflicts, so technically, yes.  However, the logistics required for the next 36 hours would be Herculean.

Have to pick up the kid from College.  Bad.
But college is 20 minutes away from dress rehearsal.  Good.

Have Broadway tickets for Saturday afternoon.  Bad Bad.
Arranged to leave dress rehearsal early to make the show.  Good Good.

Should have at least an hour to spare to make the concert after the show after the dress rehearsal.  Good.

So, all systems are a go.  Ran home, found (yet another) Messiah score, pulled myself together, grabbed the kid from college, grabbed some dinner, made it to rehearsal, and all was well.  In fact, all was very, very good.  Good players, good singers, good music happening.  It's why musicians do what we do.  We live to make music, and we want nothing more than to share it with others.  It's a force so powerful, we are willing to sacrifice, except it's not a sacrifice at all.  It's what we do.

So tonight I'm in baby-the-singer mode.  That means no midnight blog posts.  It means everything has to be organized, accounted for, and ready to go.  My gown is set, my gig bag is packed.  My music and folder are prepared.  I have my written instructions, my GPS to help me find the venue, a fully charged cell phone, pencils, tissue, cough drops and aspirin.  Tomorrow I'll take ridiculous care to consider when and what I eat.  Lay off the dairy.  Not too much caffeine.  Nothing terribly heavy or saucy or gloppy or sugary.  But make not mistake: none of this is a hardship.  It's simply what is done.  I look forward to traveling to a new place, meeting new friends and making amazing music.

If you ever wonder about the old chestnut it's better to give than to receive" I can tell you as an artist, while the gifts we are given are a blessing, the ability to share those gifts is what sustains us all.  So, Rejoice, Greatly!  Tomorrow, that's exactly what I plan to do. 

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