Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Sound of Haiku Voices

The hills are alive.
Is it bleating or belting?
stuff it, Maria.

Maria looks like
The Swiss Miss Choc'late box.
Pass the marshmallows.

Love me some Audra
but you must admit that she's
one sassy mother.

The Goatherd's lonely

Rolf is seventeen?
Now try to make me believe
Maria can act.

Here's the paradox:
Wooden cast chews scenery.
The Sound of Beavers?

Made it through one hour
Appreciate the hashtag
of #teambaroness

At the end did nuns
gave the car a "Before He
Cheats" special blessing?

As for Miss Julie,
The force is strong within her.
Legacy untouched.


Bev Sykes said...

This should get a best of holidailies!

I gave up after an hour. I am not a big S.O.M. fan in the first place (being a critic and having had to review it too many times). But this did not live up to hype. Sad that there may be young people for whom THIS is the definitive version, since they have never seen either Mary Martin or Julie Andrews.

chefgrace said...

The Sound of Beavers!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

All in all an interesting exercise. Parts were unwatchable - I almost had to turn away. Using the many handed device - on one hand, it was live with no second takes, no post production, compromise lighting, no Austrian countryside, etc.

On the other hand, I have seen better acting in high school plays.

Side note: I LOVE the It's a VON TRAP meme!

Keep 'em coming TunaVerde.