Thursday, February 19, 2004

I don't know where my student is. Usually, this might be a cause for concern. At the moment it is a cause for sweet, blessed relief as I take five minutes to relax with Satan's computer. Hello little iMac of the Apocalypse. So nice to see you again.

I really have nothing to say. It's a beautiful day ... now that I can actually see the hand in front of my face. I knew today wasn't Friday Food day, but in this morning I was driving in some pretty serious pea soup. Fog soup, actually. Fog as thick as pea soup. Yes, that's right.

Most of my students are going on tour over spring break to New York City. I'm trying to feel badly for them since they don't "get a break", but you know, I'd take a no-break to NYC anyday. Just once. To go to the MoMA and drool on somebody important at the Met. I thought about giving one of my students $20 to buy me a something weird and fun and kitschy from New York, but then I thought about my students and started worrying about what they might bring back, so I've nixed that idea.

While I have five minutes I'm going to go get a Xerox tan before the next student shows. What fun!
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