Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Webbits -- Small, bite-sized nuggets of information one often trips over while cavorting on the web. Not to be confused with Wabbits, Wabbit hunting.or Wabbit Season. Or Hassenpfeffer.

Level 3 Slowdown

Allow me to summarize: On Monday, the web was slow. That is all. Seriously. The web was slow. The culprit appeared to be some sort of problem with hosting giant Level 3. I didn't know there was a hosting giant Level 3. Did you? Not only is there a hosting giant Level 3, there is also a spokesman for hosting giant Level 3 who refused to confirm or deny that it was a hardware problem. My biggest disappointment with this slowdown of newsworthy proportions is the fact that the Emergency Email Organization really dropped the ball when they failed to warn and report of the impending doom of a cranky Internet.

The New "Liberal"

It used to be that one of the worst insults you could hurl during political season was "Liberal." Liberals stole all your money, raided your refrigerator and left the lights on all day. Never mind cowboys, "Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be liberals". Well, just as pork has reinvented itself as the other white meat, there is a new slur in town that makes liberal look tame in comparison. Beware ye, the terrorist! Can't think of something bad to call someone or something you don't like? Call 'em a terrorist and watch the entire country rise up against the oppressor faster than you can say GITMO. None other than Education Secretary Rod Paige plastered the latest Scarlet "T" on the National Education Association. He later apologized (Sort of. Except not) by claiming it was a joke. In airports, you get arrested for "jokes" like that.


Today is the big day at the movies. Not only can you see enough blood and guts to put an episode of ER to shame, but you can also purchase some Passion Souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones. I find the nail necklaces particularly cringe worthy. I cannot imagine being assigned to the marketing division of this film. Somebody should be ashamed.

But in case you're not...

Ashamed, that is...You can always dash over to Sermon Central for some speechifying. Love to hear yourself talk but just don't know what to say? Worry no more. If you've got the Visa, they've got the verbiage. Un-Be-Lievable.

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