Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Feast

Still Friday. Still Feast. What's the special of the day?

Appetizer: Name One Thing That Made You Sad This Week
One thing that made me sad this week was that as I was sitting here trying to think of one thing that made me sad this week, I couldn't remember anything about the week at all. That's pretty sad in and of itself. The week has been full of general malaise anyway, so that will have to do.

Soup: What Was the Last Object (Not Person) You Took a Picture Of?
I KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS ONE!! I had to use up TinyTuna's cameras that she took to New York (yes, we still had a couple laying around) and I ran around the garden taking pictures of peonies and iris.

Salad: Who Do You Talk To When You Need Help Making a Decision?
Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Main Course: If You Were A Weather Event, What Would You Be, and Why?
FOUL! This is a repeat question from Last Week's Main Course. Well, maybe it's a repeat answer not a repeat question. I guess I'd be an Alberta Clipper. Then I could visit my Queen-loving Canadian friends, say EH a lot and ride around in style.

Dessert: Suggest a website that you think your readers would enjoy visiting
One of my favorite pages.


lifeonhold said...

Malaise, yeah that's it, a perfect word for this week. It could be worse.

I love your web page suggestion!

Speaking of malaise, it's been so bad this week I didn't even really feel like surfing the web. A sort of '1 million homepages, and nothing out there of interest' attitude prevailed.

Anonymous said...

I love your page suggestion.

And I actually remembered it was Friday, AND that this meme existed.

So, my day was actually pretty good.

gemmak said...

Rofl @ your fave page....I'm far too addicted to do that! :o)

TVJ said...

Have you noticed that your page is off center? It's all the way over to the left. Why is that? Shouldn't it be in the middle, or do you like it that way?

GreenTuna said...

I have always been considerably left of center, so yeah, I don't think it bugs. So long as I don't have to scroll, I'm ok.

G said...

He...I've seen that page before. Very cute.