Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekend Wordplay

I say ... and you think:
  1. Exhibit:: Art
  2. Evolution:: Monkeys
  3. Loser:: Forehead "L"
  4. Hypnotic:: Trance
  5. Unlikely:: Not Going to Happen
  6. Interrupt:: Stop
  7. Ambivalent:: Don't Care
  8. Rise and fall:: Third Reich
  9. Indian:: Princess
  10. Prophecy:: Prediction
My subconscious is very rude, because the instant I saw the word loser my right hand shot up and made an "L" on my forehead. Where does my subconscious learn these things? I'm not sure where Indian Princess came from. My best guess is that my subconscious was far too lazy to Google the correct spelling of Pocahontas. As for unlikely equaling not going to happen, that is total mom-speak. It's about the same as saying we'll see, which -- as every mother knows -- has a 99.5% failure rate.

Does your subconscious have something to say?
Unconscious Mutterings found here.

Daily Haiku -- Sunday Sermons Finish off the weekend with haiku filled with musings, messages, parables, fables... anything that seems appropriate.

If only sermons
Were like this Sunday haiku
Short and sweet. Amen!

~~ or ~~

Sunday brunch with friends
laughter, joy and compassion
weekly feed my soul


nlk said...

Indian Poker. In the top-5 with Spoons, SlapJack, etc.


Anonymous said...

Exhibit:: "A"
Evolution:: opposable thumbs!
Loser:: crybaby
Hypnotic:: Gaze
Unlikely:: Series of Events
Interrupt:: Rude
Ambivalent:: ehh.
Rise and fall:: the ocean
Indian:: summer
Prophecy:: prophets