Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The Scripps Smartypants Spelling Bee is underway. At best, I might be qualified to ding the bell when it's right (provided somebody tells me so), but check it out: Do YOU have what it takes to be a National Spelling Bee Contestant? This is the preliminary written test:

1. souvenir
2. occurrence
3. remediless
4. censor
5. chiropractor
6. mimicry
7. rebuttal
8. heifer
9. tenet
10. qwerty
11. amulet
12. rappelled
13. synodal
14. lido
15. sylph
16. pyrophyte
17. syncope
18. thelytokous
19. Rorschach
20. chaetophorous
21. scilicet
22. Kneippism
23. glacis
24. recamier
25. scherenschnitte

And here, I thought that qwerty was a made-up word, describing the comical look of letters embedded in one's forehead, the result of falling face-first in one's keyboard after several hours of mind-numbing, coma-enducing labor.

Daily Haiku -- Wednesday Words
Every Wednesday, the Daily Haiku will offer up a word
that you must somehow incorporate into your haiku.
Today's word is "beautiful"

The clock on the wall
bears a beautiful message
Behold! Time to go!

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lifeonhold said...

I love 'ku! But we have a batch of famewhoring hamsters nearly upon us that will need their every idiotic move recorded. Save some Tuna for them (and us) too!