Saturday, June 25, 2005

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggidy Jig.

The Tuna clan has arrived back home safe and sound and sunburned. Our first order of business? Run into the house and grab flashlights so we could look at the gardens. There's nothing quite like looking like a burglar in your own front yard.

As for the rest of life, it's obvious that there are a bajillion things to do. Although the return to reality and routine is imminent, tonight the mail will remain unopened and the luggage will continue to sit, untouched, in the corner. I can't get into my email (which, despite my twitching, I've decided is a blessing), so I'm just going to putter quietly around the house in my flip-flops, still sandy from my goodbye ocean walk late yesterday afternoon.

One of the many things the ocean teaches is that eventually you'll get pushed back to shore by that last overpowering wave. I'm just not ready yet, so I'm going to spend one more night playing in the surf.

Catch you tomorrow.


nlk said...

Happy to have you back! It increases the quality of my reading material! :)

Gary said...

Welcome back, Tuna. I hope it was a great trip!