Sunday, March 05, 2006

Live Oscar Blogging Part 1

Billy Crystal and Chris Rock in a tent....priceless.

Jon Stewart Monologue Highlights:

"Schindlers List and a Jew I have to say....I can't wait to see what happens to us next! TRILOGY!"

"I have sad news to report. Bjork is not here tonight. Cheney mistook her dress for a bird and shot her."

"Remakes. Remakes have done really well. King Kong was made a couple of times. Now? A Huge hit. War of the Worlds? Remake, and it did really well. "Walk the Line" ... was "Ray" with White people....Remake!"

Nicole Kidman seems to prefer couture from the house of Caspar the Friendly Ghost.

Best Supporting Actor goes to:
George Clooney - Syrianna.

Early Oscar Derby Lead : KatJam, Kyara and GreenTuna.

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