Monday, March 27, 2006

Lost Treasures - TunaU Version

Every day when I walk into my office, I'm never sure what I'll face. My tiny office is home to a forest worth of problems, neatly chopped and illegibly scrawled on 3 x 5 slips of paper. Then there are books that are wrong, scores that are lost, CDs that need new jewel cases, and stacks of assigned materials that needs to be handled yesterday.

You can only imagine that an MMO (Monday Morning Office) has the potential to be particularly nasty, since this academic detrius has had over 48 hours to accumulate and fester, untouched.

Thus it was with great pleasure that upon arriving this morning my still relatively clean office only had two things wanting my attention. The first was a book that was easy pawned off on a coworker to solve, and the second? Pure gold.

On my desk was a 45 vinyl record with a note that read,
"found in the stacks???"

For the youngsters in the group, this is an example of what a 45 rpm vinyl record looks like. Although we don't collect them as part of our academic collection, it didn't strike me as odd that this had shown up. After all, I had just spent an entire weekend finding everything from a jump rope to a Menorah in my own bookcases. Why should the TunaU book shelves be any different? Maybe it was just looking for its people.

As I looked over the record, I discovered it had possibly THE BEST B-Side song title ever.

"You Didn't Like It, Because You Didn't Think of It"

It is now proudly displayed in my office, sitting on an illegal pushpin that has made an illegal hole in the wall. Sometimes Karmic discoveries can be beautiful.


Jake Silver said...

When I was young, like 10...11... my parents had lots of these and I used to spend hours lining them up around the room in the order I would play them... Beatles, Rolling Stones, Carpenters, Captain and Tenille are some artists I remember.

Anonymous said...

Have you listened to it yet? Being a member of the Tuna "some-of-us-never-throw-anything-out" family, you know I've got a record player with a 45 adaptor.....