Friday, May 19, 2006

Daily Haiku Take Two

As I was updating my page and transferring my links, I was saddened to see that the Daily Haiku site hadn't posted or updated in about six months.

Moment of silence
As we mourn Daily Haiku
What shall we do now?

I consulted my boyfriend and was thrilled to find a new site called (wait for it...) Daily Haiku (listed under "Political Shrubbery" on the right). Sadly, it's not really a play-along site, but it did, nonetheless, provide me a decent amount of high quality snorts with submissions like this one posted after a certain recent address to the nation on immigration reform.

And that's not all folks.
I'm renaming the "taco".
They're now "Georgewiches".

Duly inspired, I've decided to start my own Daily Haiku-itude. I encourage you all to add your own 5-7-5 verbal masterpieces in the comments section. Today's inspiration is none other than that famous Canadian Ethanol Mascot, Corn Cob Bob. It appears Mr. Cob Bob has had his share of hardship in life, including a 2005 banishment from a Canada Day Celebration.

Man. Don't mess with Canada.

Today's exercise: Write a haiku to (or about) our friend:
Corn Cob Bob.

Don't fear the reaper
Corn Cob Bob new mascot for
Jaundiced facial boils

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How could I resist?
Haiku and agriculture
two favorite things!

One has to wonder-
below those blue overalls
is Corn Cob Bob shucked?

Ethanol mascot
foam corn suit is better than
flammable liquid!

I wonder, Cob Bob,
is that gaping hole your mouth,
or from corn borers?