Thursday, May 18, 2006

On My Go

This weekend marks the umpty-umpth (43rd, according to the banner) annual art festival. Divided into two separate shows -- the crifty crafty I can't believe anybody would make this much less buy this show on the south side of the street, and the ultra shi-shi I can't believe anybody would pay those prices for an inlaid wood chess set show on the north side of the street -- the art festival brings many surprises but one big guarantee: rain all weekend.

Be that as it may, the art festival goes on as scheduled, and this year an art festival scavenger hunt has been organized for all those going forth. Below is the official list of junk crap scary people unique artistic creations, creators and/or afficianados one might go out of your way to avoid meet at your neighborhood art festival.

Take a digital picture as proof of your discovery and submit it to pasblog at gmail dog com for verification. Official list and rules are below and also outlined in a bit more coherent manner over at People Are Strange. Void where prohibited. Yada Yada Yada.

Sadly, I will most likely not be participating in the scavenger hunt proper. However, if I get a chance to do some cleaning, I bet I could find a lot of it down in my basement.


1). Person with a tattoo that goes up the side of the neck to the ear. Bonus points if the person has nasty matted dreadlocks.

2). Twins dressed identically, even if they're not identical. Bonus points if they're over 10 years old. Extra double points if they're over 20 years old.

3). Gnarled stick/branches that is adorned with either fake little birds or little butterflies. Bonus points if the birds are covered with real feathers!

4). Dog with bandana around it's neck.

5). Person with reptile (iguana on a leash, snake, gecko, etc.)

6). Black & White picture of an old barn, framed with weathered old wood, from an old barn.

7). Frame with six openings, each filled with a different picture of a lighthouse. Bonus points for one with nine or more lighthouse filled openings.

8). Kid on a leash. Bonus points for one parent/guardian with two or more kids on leashes.

9). Cement Goose Clothing

10). Yard Statuary doing something (i.e., gnome drinking beer, raccoon with a watering can, frogs reading books, etc.)

11). Vase made out of blue glass.

12). Figures made out of copper wire.

13). Statue replica of Brussels' Mannekin Pis. Bonus points if it's working.

14). Painting measuring bigger than 4 feet by 4 feet

15). Clothing for sale made out of leather. Bonus points if it has fringes.

16). Reproduction of Georgia O'Keefe flower painting that's really a part of a woman's anatomy.

17). Art or craft made with twigs or lint or bottle caps

18). Things burned into wood. Bonus points if it is a moose.

19). Calico. Bonus points if it is a Calico moose.

20). Two pieces of Michigania in the same piece of art. Bonus points if it includes a moose.

21.) A piece of art that includes the word "hate" or "roadkill". Bonus points if it is a dead moose.

22.) Something in a grass skirt doing the hula. Bonus points if it is a moose.


1. Anyone can participate. Bring your friends, family and random strangers. (Bonus points for cute dogs as long as they aren't wearing bandanas. Please, no geckos.)

2. Art Festival is both Saturday and Sunday (May 20 & 21, 2006). You can go any time, either day.

3. To submit your photos for "judging", email them in JPG or TIF format to no later than Tuesday, May 23, 2006.

4. The judges may (or may not) be sober, serious (bwah!) art critics. All judging is silly and meant to be in good fun.

5. If you'd like to "scavenge" with a group, meet up @ NOON, Saturday, May 20, 2006 by the Main Stage at the corner of MAC and Albert. (For real townies, in front of where the old Jersey Giant used to be before it moved next to the Barrel. For newbies, across from the Riv in front of the pharmacy.)

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