Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morning Drive Time

Every morning TinyTuna and I get to spend some time together as I drive her to school. It's a good twenty minutes to talk about school, life, boys, movies, or whatever is on her drama-filled middle school mind. Unless she's being a pain (which might not be all that infrequent, given her age), it's mother-daughter time well spent. And if she is being a pain, then she has no choice but to sit through twenty minutes of lectures, proving that on occasion, a moving car can be a wonderful thing.

Today we got into the car and she asked me if she could read me part of the book she was reading in school. I said sure, and off we went. We were driving along and she asked, "Do you want to eat your breakfast first?" "No," I said, "I can listen and eat at the same time."

The book? The Hot Zone.

The topic? Ebola virus outbreak in the United States.

Morning Vocabulary? Fever, vomiting, unconsciousness, coma, intestinal lining, total body evacuation, anus, dry-heaves, bleeding from all known orifices and death.

Next time I'll eat my breakfast first,
and suggest we talk about boys instead.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. The Hot Zone? AT first I thought we were talking about a little girl here... forgive me it's hard to keep track of all these Bloggers and their kids ages. But I guess not. The TinyTuna must be in at least high school.