Sunday, January 14, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think::

1. Episode :: TV show

2. Source :: Code

3. Jerk :: Idiot

4. Introduce :: Say Hello!

5. Ralph :: Kramden

6. Stare :: Glare

7. Cast :: Of Thousands

8. Scenario :: Situational Setting

9. Flu :: I don't have it

10. Mad :: Cow

This must be the throw-the-dictionary in the air version of Unconscious Mutterings. It's not that words are required to relate to each other, but sometimes it makes it easier. I could have said "Flu-Shot" but I don't get flu shots. Then again, I don't have "Mad-Cows" either, so that blows that whole explanation (heck, I don't even have mildly irate cows). "Cast-Of Thousands" reminds me of Ten Commandments which reminds me that Mrs. Munster (who was formerly Mrs. Moses) died. If she had cows, I bet they'd be sad.


Anonymous said...

We have at least one the same!!

Sanni said...

I´m sorry for being so late this week – I´ve got a bad cold… so I´m muttering out of my bed =)
Your UM is great!

Anonymous said...

I say ... And You Think::
1. Episode :: Number (as in, Episode ## of Star Trek, where Kirk must battle...)
2. Source :: Of All Power and Wisdom
3. Jerk :: Yank
4. Introduce :: Facilitate
5. Ralph :: Malph
6. Stare :: Contest
7. Cast :: Broken
8. Scenario :: Idea
9. Flu :: La Grippe
10. Mad :: Libs!
the boy