Thursday, January 25, 2007

Realigning the Electronic Shui

Tonight I brought Bessie (my computer) home. She spent a week up north getting a general tune up and a few new and improved bells and whistles. Because the hard drive was not replaced, getting things "back to normal" wasn't as painful as it might have been, and somehow the Gods were smiling, because I didn't have to call India. In case you haven't had the pleasure, the conversation goes something like this: Hello. Please to call me BOB. Allow me to be for understanding you. You are saying that for my understanding you must register your software. Am I understanding for you to be correctly? There is nothing worse than trying to explain to Bob that while I have the same old legal software, I now have a new motherboard which thinks this is a new copy, and yes, I have my 357 Alpha-Numeric (Caps-Count-Too!) product key and registration code. Frankly, it'd be easier for everyone concerned if they just took my first born instead, but I don't have FRANKly, I have BOBly, and for him to be for understanding my problem, TinyTuna isn't going to be much help.

So, aside from one quick repair of my original copy, everything was working A-OK. And bonus points: my computer no longer does the bump and grind (minus the bump but with extra grind) every time it boots up. Phew. That was not a good sound.

It doesn't matter if it is computers, people, paperwork or calendars, it's a plain old pain in the butt when things get out of kilter and you have to work (sometimes harder) to get everything back into place. It's not that I'm a creature of unbendable habit, because in my world, going with the flow is generally the wisest advice one can follow. At the same time, constantly having to scramble can be tiresome, and soon it's hard to tell if you're coming or going.

So, I'm happy to have old Bessie back. The laptop worked great in her stead, but just wasn't the same. Now if I could only get Scout healthy, TinyTuna to understand her math, five last milk crates of papers filed, shredded or tossed, and a few days in my calendar with no commitments, I'd be all set.

Magic Eight Ball Says:
You can always keep dreaming, but please remember,
Crack is not a breakfast food.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I'm gonna try and catch up on your recent stuff. It;s been a while since I've visited.