Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Limit :: Restriction

2. Voice :: Lessons

3. Change :: Alter

4. Expression :: Face

5. Tailor :: Made

6. Lemonade :: That cool, refreshing drink

7. Thought :: Idea

8. Phoebe :: Snow

9. Impression :: When someone says they want to do one, they're usually not very good.

10. Sister :: Sibling

Once again, a fairly disparate list. A bunch of these made me think of teaching, which isn't very nice to do on a Sunday morning. But then again, there aren't many days when singing isn't a part of The Tuna day in one way or another, and Sunday is no exception.

I found on YouTube -- what DID we do before YouTube? -- Eddie Murphy doing his Elvis Presley impersonation (Lemonade, That Cool Refreshing Drink) and James Brown impersonation (HEYYY!). I have to admit, Eddie was pretty darn good. It's HERE (rated H for hysterical, but R for language...just so you know).

Mutter along HERE.


Anonymous said...

odd how an apparently disjointed group of words can still fit around a common theme. :P

love the response to Impression!

Anonymous said...

I haven't played this in forever...I should, I really should.

Your words rock.

Anonymous said...

I say ... And You Think:
1. Limit :: speed
2. Voice :: In your head
3. Change :: spare
4. Expression :: Blank
5. Tailor :: Mickey
6. Lemonade :: Lemons!
7. Thought :: Random piece of brilliance
8. Phoebe :: Cates, of Gremlins fame
9. Impression :: -Ist
10. Sister :: Act
the boy