Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Cheater AND a Stealer

I've decided that not only am I going to cheat at Holidailies, I'm going to steal while I'm doing it. But you might forgive me, if you had the chance to look at my calendar of crazy today. And while one rehearsal and three separate performances might not sound like much, add two tall beers to the top of the list, and you'll understand why I'm only a half-step away from drooling all over my keyboard. So yes, here are the first sentences of every post over the past year. Let's see just how weird this is....

I have taken down the enormous calendar that chronicled our lives in 2006 and have put up the new calendar for 2007. Last Tuesday, in the midst of my not-posting, TinyTuna was performed in the 10th annual 7th-8th grade choir EXTRAVAGANZA which is a very CAPS LOCK, leaned over and bold sort of event. TinyTuna: I'm hungry. GreenTuna: Make a snack. As you can see (Notice the bold) I would like to be called TeenTuna and I absolutely WON'T be called Fred. So anyway, well, sorry I've been AWOL. It's a Friday afternoon don't want to start anything new at work edition of Friday's Feast. The beach towels are washed and put away, the mail has been read, filed or shredded, the refrigerator experiments have been released into the wild while new food items were purchased to take their place, and the various pets have been held and petted and cuddled and loved A LOT. Another 12 days and honestly, it's more of the same. Reading time is precious and scarce in my world. Good God, I don't even know what to make of this. I ran across the x365 writing exercise about six weeks ago, and thought it was wonderful and inspiring and intimidating all at the same time. Tonight we stampeded into the holiday season with the first holiday concert featuring holiday decorations and songs and sleigh bells and trumpeters (that sounded as if they had had far too much grog at the neighboring taverns).

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