Monday, October 02, 2017

Las Vegas, 2017

No soothing poems

No memes with sunrises, rainbows, or clasped hands
No trite sayings
What good do they do?

"Sending thoughts and prayers" is a band-aid.
Once affixed, the healer moves on
assuming life is mended but forgetful of the hurt.
But little by little air and dirt and life burrow beneath its protection
and it loses it's grip.
Falling away unnoticed.
Leaving the wound exposed and vulnerable to be hurt again.

Write your poems with action.
Shout.  March.
Tell the world again and again and again
"no more"

Take your own pictures but tell a story with honesty.
Sunrises and rainbows have their place
But there is hurt and horror in this world.

We cannot fix what we do not acknowledge,
and it will require more than a stock photo, a colorful ribbon,
a snippet of philosophy, a bible verse, or a tear-stained face.
We need to have long, meaningful, difficult conversations
We need to do something better now
so we can be something better later.

Before all that's left is air and dirt.