Tuesday, September 28, 2004

How Can I Keep From Singing? Part 1

Hang onto your high notes. I'm about to gush.

You have to understand this is not normal Soprano behavior. We NEVER gush. We brag. We boast. We bash altos, tenors and basses. We EAT sopranos. One less soprano in the world is a very, very good thing. Singing, my friends, is not for the weak.

I'm teasing. A little.

I've known singers like that. Lots and lots of singers. And honestly, to be a performer you need a certain amount of ego and a healthy dose of braggadocio to survive. It's simply part of the business.

But I love the heart of singing. I love the words. Songs of love and hope and sorry and joy. I know them. I live them. I sing them. And I teach them.

I am unbelievably privileged and blessed to to be able to share my unabashed love with the next generation. Not everyone will feel the same way. Some will not understand. Some will not hear. Some will be lost to the multitude of distractions in this life. But some DO hear and understand. And when I am a witness to the discovery of the wonderous, I know I am the luckiest person in the world.

And the song will go on

and on

and on.


Genny said...

This entry makes me happy. I love witnessing that sort of epiphany/passion about something. I get that sometimes, in other areas of course.

And you make me wish again that I could sing...

TV Junkie said...

Ah. I remember that feeling. I used to have that feeling about my job. Hmmmmm. I wonder what happened? Well. Until I get that feeling again (*cue Barry Manilow), I will live vicariously through you.