Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How Can I Keep From Singing? Part 2

Is it art or is it business? Music is big business. Check out the top ten most expensive videos ever produced. The itemized expenses are beyond insane. And how does Janet Jackson's makeup cost $8,000 a day?

10. "Girlfriend/Boyfriend"
Cost: $1,500,000+
Artist: Blackstreet (featuring Janet Jackson)

9. "November Rain"
Cost: $1,500,000+
Artist: Guns N' Roses

8. "Unpretty"
Cost: $1,600,000+
Artist: TLC

7. "She's a Bitch"
Cost: $2,000,000+
Artist: Missy Elliot

6. "Miami"
Cost: $2,000,000+
Artist: Will Smith

5. "Larger Than Life"
Cost: $2,100,000+
Artist: Backstreet Boys

4. "What's It Gonna Be"
Cost: $2,400,000+
Artist: Busta Rhymes (featuring Janet Jackson)

3. "Heartbreaker"
Cost: $2,500,000+
Artist: Mariah Carey

2. "Victory"
Cost: $2,700,000+
Artist: Puff Daddy (featuring Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes)

1. "Scream"
Cost: $7,000,000+
Artist: Michael Jackson (featuring Janet Jackson)

And when you're done crunching those numbers,
Please, please check this out.

"World On Fire"
Cost: $150,000
SPENT: $15
DONATED: $148,270
Artist: Sarah McLachlan

The power and humanity of music. THAT is something to sing about.
Many thanks to John Scalzi for this link.


TVJ said...

Yikes! Yet another reminder of how grossly underpaid I am. *sigh*

Gary said...

I love that Sarah McLachlan song. I was checking out some of the links to the charities supported by it. Very, very cool.