Monday, September 13, 2004


As I was flipping channels last night, I ran across Star Wars: Empire of Dreams on A&E. Being a sucker for how did they do that? kind of show, I watched as Lucas & Co. struggled to complete the film, despite just about every problem you can imagine.

At one point, while everything in a galaxy far-far away was going wrong, the studio heads realized they had a serious problem on their hands. Sure, they were over-budget and off-schedule. But there were more important issues to face:

The Wookie Has No Pants

This is my new motto. When life is overbearing...When I am asked to do more with less...When I'm frantically trying to stay one step ahead of rat race... I won't ask "What Would Jesus Do?" I'll just recite my mantra of perspective

The Wookie Has No Pants

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