Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Well, Bessie is at it again.

Friday night she was humming away. I had last checked for email and other pertinant information at about 11pm, Tuna time. Then, an hour later, she had lost her connection. This, in an of itself, is not unusual. With 45,000 additional Tunas crowding the University servers, it's common to get bumped offline.

Yeah. Damn dial-up. I know.
But it's free damn dial-up, so I've been making do.

But now...nothing. It says the modem is already in use or something else is using the COM port or is not configured right. It might as well have told me that the moon was in the 7th house, and Jupiter was aligning with Mars.

I think error messages delivered by the Fifth Dimension would be a lot more palatable. Oh, except I still don't have any audio. DOH.

So I'm stuck with a computer who dreams of starring in The Miracle Worker.
Unfortunately, I don't think "Water!" is going to do her much good at all.

Meanwhile and in other news, I'm up north today to begin my 2004-2005 stint as Voice Instructor to the little Scottish Tunas. This week is easy, since I don't have to teach private lessons...just my classes. Today is even easier, since I missed my first class because NOBODY HAD THE COURTSEY TO TELL ME THEY CHANGED THE SCHEDULE. Normally, I wouldn't mind too terribly much, but this is a seven-week course (when it should really be a whole-year) and to miss one class means I'll have to do some serious speed-talking on Thursday.

The drive up to Scotland, USA (that's the motto of the town, no joke) hasn't improved in the slightest. The roads are still as straight and flat as they ever were. The 20-miles of 55 mph driving is still there, nipping at my lead-foot toes. The wetland bird sanctuary is still beautiful, and I saw lots of cranes (of the bird variety, not the construction variety) and other winged things as I drove by. I always wish I could stop. I never have time. The enormous cider mill has begun its siren call. How many times will I be able to drive by before I must succumb to fresh cider and doughnuts? At least two more weeks, my wallet says.

I walked into my office and let out a huge groan. My office mate -- who makes me look like a neatnik in comparison -- has been allowed to ooze and multiply in my absence. After lugging in much of my music, I began the long process of shovel and pile and toss. I mean, really. Socks in the middle of the floor? Ewww.

Things are now looking a bit better. I only have three more crates of music to unpack and a great deal of filing to do. My remaining course doesn't start for another two hours, so I can putter on Beelzebubs much much bigger Mac with the super-enormo screen. Techno-envy. I have it.

Hopefully, if the day is calm, when I get home, I'll have another heart-to-heart with Bessie and see if she won't cooperate for just a few weeks more. If you see me around, you'll know I was successful. Otherwise, just pass the tea and sympathy, and I'll see you online at work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm really beginning to hate Bessie.

Miss you.


Gary said...

It sounds like Bessie may need a "Bill Gates Enema" (i.e. a Windows reinstall)